Chidi Osirike

Proactive Virtual Assistant | MBA
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Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
8 years
  • Social Media Management

  • Virtual Assistant (Shopify, Admin, Design, Customer Success)

  • Research

  • Communications

----- 100% Super Dedicated and ready give 100% no less to all clients ------

Do you need a communication superstar, decision-maker, implementer - who has a flair for digital marketing, business processes, business administration, with a creative entrepreneurial mindset? Do you need someone who is comfortable wearing different hats in a building?

I am passionate about innovation, digital marketing, business management and development, outsourcing. I enjoy the challenges of consulting with businesses and looking for opportunities to help them grow and succeed. I love communication and reaching out to the world from my PC, traveling, learning new skills and being positive. 

I will help improve your business processes and provide you with the focus you need to consistently exceed your business and personal goals, giving you the confidence to focus on the fundamentals that will help and allow you and your business thrive immensely.

But I'd rather we start discussing your project...

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