Edbert Lemuel B. Domingo

Customer Service/Technical Support Associate and Quality Assurance Associate for 9 years.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
41 years old
Baguio City, CAR, Philippines
9 years

I have been with the Call Center Industry (Both Technical and Customer Service) and in Level 3 positions (Customer Service Manager, Accent and Conversational English Supervisor, Quality Analysis Supervisor) for 8 years already and I believe that with the job description mentioned in this job posting, we are required to speak with customers from the United States as well as customers from different countries where they call home. And with that mentioned I have been doing this for 9 years now and have been very successful in doing so. I had numerous commendations during my stay in this job as well as I have been promoted 3 times to an Accent and Conversational English Supervisor as well as to a Quality Assurance Supervisor because of hard work and excellence in what I do. We have been communicating with our valued customers/clients through modes of communication like voice/phone, emails as well as chat. I have worked with top Fortune companies like AT&T, Time Warner Cable, T-Mobile USA/UK (As an Accent and Conversational English Coach and as a Quality Analyst) and QWEST Broadband Support (As a Quality Analyst). I have also worked as a Project Manager for an Online Business for a year and handled a team of more than 16 Customer Service Agents.


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