James Fahndrich

Growth Focused | WordPress Design and Development
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Kunming, Yunnan, China
17 years

Hi! My name is James and I am a freelance WordPress developer and designer with more than 17 years of experience.

I specialize in helping folks achieve their business goals by utilizing the power of their greatest marketing asset - their website.

My Expertise

  • Creating customized websites that align with your brand's personality and objectives
  • Understanding the behavior and expectations of your existing customer base and your potential customers to assure their interaction with your website is optimal
  • Managing the technical details, such as website maintenance and reporting, SSL Certificates, increasing performance and security.

I Want You To Succeed

I would enjoy whole-heartedly the opportunity to help you reach your goals. I give every project, whether big or small, my full attention and will work diligently to deliver web services that make your life simpler and that work properly.

The hourly fee that I have posted is simply an arbitrary number based upon my perceived value of the service that I provide. However, every project is unique and I prefer to provide custom quotes designed to fit your budget.

Working with Me

I am considered by many to be a very personable, friendly person. My work ethic and communication style is a bit on the formal side, but in a clear, non-jargon laced manner. Although, I have been known to intersperse a bit of humor from time to time.

I am client centric and realize that your ideas, pressures and timelines are valid - Uhh, what I am wanting to say is, if you are not completely satisfied with my services, my family and I will be eating rice and beans for dinner and that is not a good thing.

Feel free to visit my personal website to learn more about me, my services and my design style.

I look forward to meeting you and ask that you please contact me to discuss your web project in further detail.

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