Janice Ann Dg. Javier

Janice Ann Dg. Javier

General Virtual Assistance
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38 years old
Plaridel, Bulacan, Philippines
10 years

Hello there! I am Janice. I help businesses grow by being competent in sales generation through proper project management, systems formulation, and effective marketing strategies of products.

I am a goal-oriented individual that knows about making opinionated solutions and decisive ideas in providing new techniques and assertive approaches to assist the company. I am knowledgeable of the tools and skills to ensure the purpose of my job is productive.

I provide great expertise that could highly contribute to handling strategic actions using modern methods in sufficing business needs and achieving the company goals.

I further develop my skills by continuing training online and participating in events that enhance my expertise. Learning is my passion.

As a Virtual Assistant, my skills include the following.

  • I can organize emails per file and folder.
  • I can manage social media platforms through audience engagement, comments, and messaging.
  • I can do admin tasks like data entry, email management, and company files organization.
  • I can enhance existing systems through my knowledge and expertise.
  • I can do reports because I have good practical experience with word-processing software and spreadsheetsŁ«, particularly MS Office.

I am an artistic person. I am familiar with graphic tools such as Canva and Adobe Photoshop.

I have good practical experience with online calendars and scheduling, like Google Calendar.

I have strong email and instant messaging communication skills.

I have strong organizational and time management skills.

I can do the task at a given time. I can work well under pressure.

I am willing to learn and be trained for the given task and be helpful to my team.

I am competent in following instructions and value confidentiality.

Hire me and let me help your business grow and achieve your goals. It would be great and fun to be part of your great team.

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