Jean Elejalde

Architectural Design - Interior Design - Architectural Rendering
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
43 years old
Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
12 years

The development of all architectural projects brings unique scenarios. For this reason, it is important to be always in contact with the client in order to have clarity about the concepts and let them evolve in the way. The most important about an honest architecture is to stay with time and this is Jean’s goal; to print out leaving experiences through functional concepts that can be recognized through the senses and memories. There are three concepts that describe the job of Jean Elejalde: design, architecture and 3d visualization. His work has been the result of unique projects, customized to the client’s requirements.

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12 Years Of Experience,
•In my experience, I have learned to interpret the wishes of the customer and capture these into high-quality images, by fulfilling their high expectations
•I have successfully developed and supported all kinds of architectural design, interior design, and furniture design.
•enjoy working with the architectural design, I have skills with software for design as these are changing and evolving, I like being in a continuous learning
•Having studied several years of architecture gives me a strong knowledge, necessary to contribute to the architectural design qualities pursued by the client, but my passion for the creative process gives a touch to the design that always needed to achieve perfection.

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