Lisa Noble

Lisa Noble

Wordpress & WooCommerce Customization
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38 years old
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
12 years

I'm primarily a PHP developer that specializes in customizing Wordpress and WooCommerce, recently I have started customizing Shopify themes as well. Most of my clients are independent web store owners who need help with customization and adding functionality to their websites:

  • customizing themes
  • adding or removing fields from checkout forms
  • excise tax calculations, with different rates for specific products and states/provinces/countries
  • custom handling fees
  • custom contact forms with conditional fields and redirects
  • displaying a Shopify product feed on a Wordpress site
  • and more

I would like to be clear that I'm a programmer and not a web designer, if you need help with branding, colours and graphics then I'm not the right person for that job. I can however build out a theme based on a designers specifications.

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