Maria Lourdes Benitez

Customer service, traveler, holistic therapist, dancer.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
32 years old
Buenos aires City, Buenos aires, Argentina
5 years

My name is Lourdes, I was born in Argentina.
But in the lasts years I discovered that I'm from everywhere.
I am an adventurer, a curious and exploring soul, a little restless person, happy, anxious. Who loves to dance, and weave nets between people

I have just arrived to Buenos aires, but I come from a long adventure and discovery that took me two years and a half
I which I was exploring and living in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Brasil and Uruguay.
Taveling is my passion.
I made my first trip as a backpacker at my 19 years old and from that moment I have not stopped.
I have visited Bolivia, Peru, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Uruguay, Brasil and more.
I love discovering myself in the eyes of others, knowing that everything I carry in my backpack is all I have in the world and the only thing I need, I love tasting different flavors, astonishing myself with different landscapes, feeling like siblings people with whom I have sometimes shared only 15 minutes.

I travel too always with the goal of nurturing, studying, training, sharing and expanding everything related to alternative therapies and medicines.

I have been studying psychology for 3 years at university, and I did formations in australian bush flower essences therapy, reiki, therapy with stones and crystals, therapeutic tarot, etc.

In these sentences I summarize who I am and what my passions are.

I hope to transmit, at least something, of everything that I feel when I write this

With Love,

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