Maria Tsvetanova Krachunova

Graphic/Web Designer
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
28 years old
Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
1 year

I am an aspiring graphic artist with a true passion for combining functionality and design. I have been working on various assignments such as logos, web design, calendars, etc. I try to relate to the customer as well as their needs. My goal is to represent them and their product in the best and most approachable way possible. I received a professional qualification in Graphic Design from IT Step Academy, which is an international academy for programmers and designers. Furthermore, I regularly upgrade my skills with additional material from online tools and media. I like to experiment with styles and new trends, while keeping the core with the essential aesthetical principles.
Another advantage I would like to point out is my knowledge in the sphere of Landscape architecture. It has furtherly developed my awareness of environmental aspects such as spatial planning of objects, combining different constructional materials, lights and texture.

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