Mariana Espejo

Mariana Espejo

Virtual assistant | content writer | copywriter | community manager
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
33 years old
Lima, Lima, Peru
2 years

However I can help, I'm your person!

Writing is only part of my passion, it is completemented with the continuous love for learning and discovering new platforms and industries.

While I'm still developing my presence in the digital industry, I've been able to work as a VA, Community Manager, and more for business owners around the world. Through these business owners I've discovered how different industries work and their presence on social media: health coach, online course platform, travel gear, online stores. I've also launched a personal blog and learned how SEO works and how to increase traffic on the site and on SM accounts.These are all opportunities to identify and learn how to make a website, a brand, and a product successful with current and futures clients.

The opportunity of living abroad has led me to understand other cultures and increase my working management with diverse teams. We are constalty learning and sharing our experience and knowledge with other people by being part of a team and the willingness to keep learning.

I might not know everything that a person needs to be the most successful online but I'm part of the people that say "I'll find a way" when I don't know how a program is to be used.

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