Martin Tonev

Expert Laravel, Symfony and WordPress web developer
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32 years old
Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
10 years

My name is Martin and I have been involved with web development for more than 7 years, at least 5 of which I have been doing this full time.

My experience focuses on web projects with strong focus on PHP going along with the evolving frameworks. I also have great level of understanding of Wordpress and have released a couple of proprietary themes. Apart from that I also have several e-commerce projects under my belt and many custom complex server-side implementations supporting mobile applications which are collaborations done with other developers for various clients. In addition I have worked extensively with Laravel and managed to deliver significant commercial value to businesses I worked for by building a highly customized analytics platform incorporating a smart data tool.

I am a solid problem solver and have great commitment to promised deadlines. I would gladly collaborate with multiple developers and other functional parties like designers etc. My availability is quite flexible in terms of time zones and also depends on current workload. Despite my overall preference for backend development but I am very confident in my front-end skills and would gladly handle tasks that imply such competence.



Frameworks: Laravel v4 & v5 , Symfony 3

Past frameworks: CodeIgniter, Kohana and Zend Framework.

CMS: WordPress, OpenCart and others.

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