Natali Budkovaya

Natali Budkovaya

Web-designer & Frontend developer
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28 years old
Saint Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Russian Federation
4 years

I want to work on interesting and challenging projects. Every day to understand something new, incorporating this into a project watch as it begins to work - my purpose. I want to gain new knowledge, to change the world for the better.

On the technical side I can develop new web sites and applications from the prototype interface to the running version. I specialize in the development of design layouts based on usability, the latest trends, adaptability and further implementation of front-end via HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery. In my current job I was implemented websites for large companies such as BAV Corporation, Dialogue, Bravecto, ORYS, BN.

If I don't know, I'll learn. I want to learn. I am a reliable employee and not afraid of serious tasks. Strive for the best and seek the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills. 

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