Omaira Carolina Alvarez Luengo

Liquidated damages and customer service.
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41 years old
CDMX, CDMX, Mexico
18 years

I'm a 39 years old Mexican woman with a great desire to continue growing professionally. I consider myself a cheerful, sociable and very responsible person, organized, dynamic, proactive and with positive attitude to provision of services. I have excellent communication, analytical and quantitative abilities.

I've been working since I was 17 years old so I have a lot of experience in different areas, I have experience in liquidated damages, customer service, logistics, travel expenses control, procurement, contracts and negotiation.

Working in all these positions increased my capacity for adaptation and leadership, and definitely have made a difference in my work and in the people around me. I like to learn new skills and improve those that are part of my training, I speak four languages and I'm looking forward to learn more in future.

I have traveled the world and this has allowed me to know several cultures and learn about them. This has helped me to be open minded, flexible and letting me understand others without making judgements.

In my free time I enjoy cinema, photography, music and gourmet. Reading a good book along a cup of black tea will always draw a big smile on my face.

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