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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
4 years
05/02/2019 CV // Jan 2019 - Google Docs Pip Christie -linkedin.com/in/pipchristie Highly experienced Freelance Digital Marketer with a passion for helping your brand tell its story through website design, email marketing, copywriting and content creation. EXPERIENCE SKILLS Unedited Marketing, Global — Freelance Digital Marketer Content/Inbound Marketing DECEMBER 2018 - PRESENT Digital Marketing At the end of 2018 I made the move to go freelance, launching my own style of marketing ‘Unedited Marketing’ at pipchristie.com. I help my clients find their business’s story and tell it to their audience authentically and with integrity. I focus my work on small businesses, charities and solopreneurs. The Diana Award, London — Digital Communications O cer Marketing Strategy Charity Marketing Research Content Creation & Writing Copywriting SEO Social Media Management The Diana Award is a charity legacy to Diana, Princess of Wales’ belief that young people have the power to change the world. Event Management OCTOBER 2017 - NOVEMBER 2018 HubSpot, Hootsuite I led on digital communications, streamlining previously dispersed Mailchimp, Salesforce communications into one centralised strategy. I spearheaded the redesign Google Analytics of the charity’s website, including the launch of a new blog, and Adobe Creative Cloud introduced a new email strategy - giving the charity its most successful Photography (intermediate) email marketing to date. I also coordinated high profile campaigns and Agile Working events through social media, email marketing and the management of Scrum Methodology Wordpress, Squarespace external partners, the most successful of which saw the definition of ‘bully’ being changed in all major dictionaries. Vable, London — Content Marketing Manager Vable is a niche technology company selling information management software to the legal sector. APRIL 2017 - OCTOBER 2017 AWARDS Joint first prize fundraising proposal as part of my Human Rights MA In recognition of my achievements I was promoted to Content Marketing Runner up in Human Rights Manager. I managed the planning, execution and evaluation of all SOUP funding competition at marketing content at Vable, playing a key role in the success the inbound the Institute of strategy as well as supporting the company’s major rebrand. I created Commonwealth Studies for thought leadership in the legal tech space through content to drive leads my MA thesis and educate customers. I also managed and ran copywriting for the website, as well as led interviews for case studies and market research for persona development projects. LANGUAGES English (native speaker) Vable, London — Marketing Coordinator Spanish (intermediate) FEBRUARY 2016 - MARCH 2017 I was invited to stay after my initial temporary role to assist the marketing team and quickly grew beyond this, leading on all marketing content. In a year I grew the niche blog following from 0 to over 300, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x2POHP7OZhSBSg1jHfNQox3ydNdtyDczhBaD1GRaYZk/edit 1/3 05/02/2019 CV // Jan 2019 - Google Docs planned the launch event of the new brand, organised events in the US remotely from London, wrote and delivered webinars, and brought in 8,000 site visits and over 100 new contacts through social media alone. Concern Universal, Remote — Human Rights Writer Concern Universal, now United Purpose, is an international development charity operating across Africa, Brazil and Bangladesh. OCTOBER 2014 - JUNE 2016 OTHER ACTIVITIES I created blog posts to promote Concern Universal’s approach to international development and their work to supporters and the general Blogging public. Charity Runner ● Child Exploitation & Tra cking in Brazil ● The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of International Development ● Women's Rights in Brazil ● From the Frontline: Women Deserve Equal Rights Eaves, London — Education, Training & Employment Support Volunteer Eaves was a women’s charity supporting survivors of violence and abuse. They closed down in 2016. Photography Design Yoga Great British Rower College Boat Club Treasurer Captain of Boats Young Enterprise Finance Team JANUARY 2015 - JUNE 2015 I supported vulnerable women in returning to work via one-to-one sessions. I also coordinated outreach research, wrote and delivered my own workshops and represented the charity at external partnership meetings. Fundación El Otro, Buenos Aires — Corporate Social Responsibility Research Intern Fundación El Otro is an NGO operating across Latin America to monitor the operations of multinational mining corporations. FEBRUARY 2014 - JUNE 2014 I conducted independent research into the transparency of international corporations working in Latin America, using the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines as my framework and represented the organisation at CSR review meetings with mining corporations. I also wrote up report summaries and translated documents between Spanish and English. My research was later used in publication on behalf of Fundación El Otro and SOMO. Concern Universal, Hereford — Programmes Volunteer JULY 2013 - DECEMBER 2013 I supported the programmes team in their day-to-day roles - from writing up reports to sending out newsletters. My main achievements were contributing to the writing of the Annual Report and assisting in the organisation and running of the Strategic Forum, which saw team members flying in from Bangladesh, Brazil and across Africa. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x2POHP7OZhSBSg1jHfNQox3ydNdtyDczhBaD1GRaYZk/edit 2/3 05/02/2019 CV // Jan 2019 - Google Docs A2Zest Events, Hereford — Events Manager A2Zest is an award-winning catering company running events across the West of England and beyond. DECEMBER 2009 - SEPTEMBER 2014 I balanced this role alongside my university studies. I started out as a waitress and, with my manager impressed by my skills, was soon promoted to Events Manager. I coordinated a team of sta at busy events such as weddings and parties, requiring me to make quick decisions under pressure whilst maintaining professionalism at all times. EDUCATION Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London, London — MA Understanding & Securing Human Rights, High Merit 2014 - 2015 High Merit Thesis in Human Rights: ‘Machismo and Cultural Traditions: A case study of women’s organisations addressing gender based violence in Buenos Aires’ Durham University, Durham — BA (Hons) Economics, 2:1 2010 - 2013 First Class Dissertation in Economics: ‘The Natural Resource Curse: The Case of Latin American and Venezuelan Black Gold’ Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls, Monmouth — A-Levels 2002 - 2009 A (Economics), A (Mathematics), A (German) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x2POHP7OZhSBSg1jHfNQox3ydNdtyDczhBaD1GRaYZk/edit 3/3
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