Poornima TB

A full-time mom, a constant thinker and a gifted writer.
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42 years old
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
15 years

Writing comes naturally to me, so it was a obvious career choice. Although I started out in client relationships, I moved to content writing early on in my career and have written and edited every kind of content in my 15 year long career - technical, procedural, web, corporate and marketing collateral, educational and instructional, white papers, book editing (both developmental editing and proof reading. I have even helped with translations. I quit my full-time job at a senior level to focus on motherhood. Right now, I enjoy chronicling my son's journey through life, while freelancing and working part-time. Short learning curve, ability to grasp dinners concepts and present them in a reader-friendly manner, excellent ideation and research and editing skills are some of my strengths.

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