Qianhua Mai

Virtual Assistant, Administration
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23 years old
La Garennes-Colombes, Haute de seine, France
2 years

I received my administrative work experience when I was acting as the pre-litigation case manager/legal assistant to Buckley & Associates PS, Inc. I managed profiles and accounts for over one hundred clients and their personal injury claims at a time, maintaining constant communication with the clients, medical providers and insurance companies. I also managed the calendars for all cases, scheduled regular meetings between clients and attorneys, keeping up with treatment progress, which requires me to possess strong verbal skills, be highly organized and be trustworthy and process all the cases promptly and correctly. 

Additionally, I am proficient in writing technical documents, I wrote up to thirty personal injury demands per month, which was critical for the negotiation process. I also homed bookkeeping experience by balancing client accounts for Reimbursement & Distribution (R&D).

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