Rafael Cerutti Aguiar

Rafael Cerutti Aguiar

Medical, Education, Business interpretation/translation
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43 years old
Juiz De Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil
1 year

Professional graduated in Business Administration since 2004, post-graduate in management and logistics, with 16 years of experience in the areas of procurement and logistics. I currently work as an English teacher since January 2020, translator and interpreter in the English<>Portuguese language pair.

I have been working as a translator since July 2020, having executed several types of paid projects, as well as volunteer works. My expertise in translation is with technical areas (oil and gas, railway, chemical, engineering, etc.), business, medical, and also with subtitling. I also have experience as a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter in the fields of education, pharmaceutics, language learning, and environment.

I am fluent in English and Portuguese, I have good knowledge of CAT tools, and I'm a highly reliable professional, deadline-compliant, flexible, accurate, and fast learner.

Through my knowledge and skills, I can deliver translations and interpretations of high quality.

Translation daily output: up to 3000 words (translation) / 5 - 6 k words (proofreading).

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