Raphael Gideoni Albinati Batista

Editorial Designer specialized in White Papers, Reports & Lead Magnets
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41 years old
Herval d Oeste, Santa Catarina, Brazil
18 years

Raphael Albinati, 38, is an editorial freelancer, and is a member of the EFA - Editorial Freelancer Association - based in New York. He has clients in the United States, Sweden, Norway and several other countries. Married and with a 4-year-old daughter, he currently lives in Herval d'Oeste, Santa Catarina (Brasil). As a debutante writer, he already has three published children's books , "A vinda do camaleão" (1998), "Tales e o segredo das férias animadas" (2010) and "Que ideia animal!" (2017). His personal website shows all his books: raphaelalbinati.info (content in Portuguese).

Some info about me:

  • 18 years of experience;
  • Adobe InDesign Specialist – the world´s best desktop publishing software;
  • Postgraduate degree in Printing Processes;
  • Enthusiastic when it comes to automation for long documents. Each hour you pay yields more.
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