Rosario Añon Suarez

Audio Editor and Manager for Podcast
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
28 years old
La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2 years
Curriculum Vitae Rosario Añon Suarez Age: 26 Adress: 65 N 1585 1A, La Plata, Buenos Aires Telephone: - E-Mail: - Employment History • Audio Editor at Upwork (August 2015 - Present) Audio post production for Language Lessons Dialogues, Audio Podcast, Audiobooks, and recordings in general. Editing, Compressing, Equalizing, Noise Removal/Reducion, De-esser, Mixing and Mastering. Knowledge in Room Acoustic, Microphones, Recording and Equipment Maintenance (as well as Soldering). Ability to work with audios in English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian and Portuguese • Restaurant Manager at Shako Sushi (2013 – 2015) Education • La Plata University (April 2010 – Present) Degree on Music Composition (93,18% Completed) • La Plata University (2015) Curriculum Vitae Rosario Añon Suarez Mixing and Mastering – Level 1 • Kyoto Sangyo University (Japan) (March 2012 – February 2013) Student Exchange Program, Scholarship Awarded. Languages: • Spanish: Spanish Native • English: English Advanced • French: French Intermediate • Japanese: Japanese Intermediate • Italian: Italian Written and spoken comprehension. • Portuguese: Portuguese Written and spoken comprehension. Certifications • Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3
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