Samuel Mengistu

Android Developer
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27 years old
Washington, DC, United States
4 years
Samuel Mengistu - - Washington, DC Experience ANDROID DEVELOPER, ARMORTEXT; TYSONS, VA — JULY 2017 - AUGUST 2019 - Created multi-factor authentication flow and enforced it through policies Worked with Android Telecom framework to build conferencing Integrated react-native components into the application Worked with Android Sqlite database to improve performance by using indexes, views, and improving queries ANDROID DEVELOPER, CLS AMERICA; LANHAM, MD — SEPT. 2016 - APR. 2017 - Collaborated with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features Fixed bugs which were reported by product managers and clients Enhanced the UI by redesigning widgets and views Integrated outside APIs on new features Built a UI feature that displays data from the Sqlite database ANDROID DEVELOPER, YAZMI; SILVER SPRING, MD — AUG. 2015 - JAN. 2016 - Built a mobile reading application that attracted more users to the Yazmi tablet Used Androids text-to-speech engine to read ebooks aloud to users Worked with outside libraries to build the application Prototyped new application ideas for the Yazmi tablet Projects STUCK — GOOGLE PLAY STORE Stuck is where users can post questions with choices and can collect votes from other users. The app works with multiple Firebase products such as, Cloud Firestore, Storage, Cloud Functions, and Authentication. The app was also built in Kotlin. Education Udacity - Android Developer Nanodegree Certification, Jan 2016 University of Maryland — Computer Science, 2014 - Incomplete Montgomery College — Associates Degree,- Skills • Java • Kotlin • JavaScript • Gradle • HTML • Git • XML • SQL • Teamwork
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