Sergio Esteban Cortes

Specialized translation
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
42 years old
Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
5 years
RÉSUMÉ Sergio Esteban Cortés Bolívar Date of birth: December 9th, 1978 Diagonal 52 A Sur # 59 B – 47 Marital status: Single Bogota, Colombia Tel:----Linkedin profile: Skype username: sergio-esteban1 I can currently be contacted at the address, phone number and E-mail referred above. Objective: Find a position where I can expand my professional horizons. Education: 2004 – 2002 Specialist in Translation Universidad Nacional de Colombia Bogota D.C. 2001 - 1997 Bachelor in Philology and Languages: English Universidad Nacional de Colombia Bogota D. C. Experience: Feb 2015 – Aug 2017 UPC Consultants Academic Coordinator / Translator I was in charge of the academic coordination, scheduling classes, assigning teachers, following up learning processes and servicing all requests made by customers. As well, I was assigned to the translation of all kinds of documents (from English to Spanish and vice versa); ranging from ID documents, certificates, academic and notary documents to corporate reports, minutes, rulebooks, policies and, in general, all kinds of documents supporting the operations of companies. Dec 2013 – Ene 2015 Avanza S.A. BPO Bilingual Agent I did customer service and sometimes sales for passengers flying with LAN Airlines, as well as providing support with some back office work. May 2013 – Nov 2013 The Lincoln English Center English Teacher I was assigned mainly to teaching intermediate and advanced level groups of university students and adults. Dec 2009 – Mar 2013 International Translation Solutions & CIA SAS (Formerly Crear Traducciones) Translator Transversal 17 # 98 – 09 Of. 105 I worked for them as a senior translator assisting the official translator with all kinds of documents and corporate translation in different subjects such as law, medicine, pharmaceutics, civil and petroleum engineering, computer science, finance, accounting and management; both ways, English – Spanish / Spanish – English. Sep 2006 – June 2010 Centrum Language School English teacher (all ages) Carrera 71 A # 53 – 12 I taught English in personalized classes and small groups, especially to teenagers and young adults from the nearby schools and universities; and assisted the academic director performing functions similar to those of an academic coordinator even though I was not appointed as such. Sep 2006 – Sep 2006 English Teacher (for Teenagers) Jan 2007 – Apr 2007 Carrera 30 # 45 – 03 Instituto Pedagógico Arturo Ramirez Montufar (internal school inside the campus and managed by Universidad Nacional.) I replaced a teacher first for one month and then for the three last months working with teenagers. Nov 2005 – May 2006 Customer Service Agent Colaboro S.A. - Bilateral Calle 15 # 8 – 68 I worked doing customer service for an American pre-paid cell phone company; activating phones, redeeming minutes and assisting in technical problems. Sep 2003 – Oct 2005 English Teacher (for adults) The Canadian College Carrera 21 # 82 – 64 I worked there in one-to-one classes and small groups and preparing for the TOEFL as well. 2001 Jan – Dec English Teacher (for adults) Bitway Internacional, Bogotá D.C. Calle 27 sur # 60 – 10 I worked there only for a year because they were on a bad financial situation and they could not afford paying more salaries. 2000 Jun – Nov 2002 Sep – Nov References: English Teacher (for children and adults) Movimiento Independiente de Renovación Absoluta Transversal 29 # 35 a – 44 I worked there on Saturdays as part of a program to prepare people in different areas. Translator (freelance) Language Speak Inc. Miami, Florida, USA 5975 Sunset Drive, Suite- I was part of a team translating into Spanish files they sent me from Miami by E-mail with the contents of Office Depot’s web page for Latin American customers in the US. Paola Torres Bogota Branch Manager- Human Resources Area Avanza S.A- Ext. 34319 Orlando Prieto / Miguel Martinez Academic Coordinator / Human Resources Manager The Lincoln English Center Calle 49 N°-/- /- Hector Lozano International Translation Solutions & CIA SAS Transversal 17 # 98 – 09 Of. 105 57 - Rocio Jimenez Academic Director Centrum Language School 57 - Bogota D.C. The Canadian College Carrera 21 # 82 – 64 57 - Bogotá D.C. Sommeil Ltda. - Bilateral Calle 15 # 8 – 68 57 - Departamento de Capacitación (Training Department) Movimiento Independiente de Renovación Absoluta Transversal 29 # 35 a – 44 57 - Bogotá D.C.
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