Sourodeep Sinha

Voice over dub, mimicry and guitar player and tutor,with an active youtube channel.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
26 years old
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
1 year

Greetings and love from myself Sourodeep..I am a B..tech ,tech savvy with high percentage of doing good stuffs on a multiple tasks,which includes marketing,operationa analysis through sas ,giving recommendations,a foodie an active zomato member,with skills onto content writing and copywriting.However if you wanna know somthing that is out of the box,and I am the best at that,then I would say I am pretty much passionate about my expressions and the cool sound effects that I can produce and add onto something ,be it a drama,a local channel or be it modulating voice for reading a content,might be a dub or an exact matching mimicry of some particular characters in our surroundings!!! Over all seeking to do smthing innovative rather!!
Key skills include grasping of language and old classic music on mouth production!!

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