Sumona Chakravarty

Bollywood backup dancer
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
37 years old
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
12 years

HI, dancing has always been my passion and this is what i wanted to do as a kid, though my educational background isn't that strong as i dropped out of school in the middle of my 10th boards coz i wanted to pursue dancing and i had got the opportunity so like a rebel in the family i went after what i wanted. As much as i absolutely love dancing i do regret not completing my education, not that has it stopped me from reading various books and novels to articles and magazines to keep me well versed n updated in English language or worldly affairs. I'm a team driven person as synchronization is highly regarded on stage performances so i do realize the importance of functioning as a team. Needless to say hardworking and performance oriented, i do perform well under stress though better, it can be identified as a skill of mine, as endless hours of rehearsals on stage has developed this quality in me over these many years. I would say i am a very offbeat kind of candidate applying to you guys but the thing is i am someone you would like to work on board for sure. Looking forward to hear from you guys,
have great day ahead,
Thank you,
Sumona chakravarty.

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