Tom Weiss

Web Application Developer
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56 years old
Columbus, OH, United States
27 years

I have over 25 years of professional experience building custom web applications for medium and large sized businesses and organizations.  I have built custom systems for companies in sectors as diverse as e-commerce, gas/electric, media/radio, government, non-profit, distribution/supply, manufacturing, financial, insurance, and more. I am expert with Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, web services, XML, EDI, data transfer, and much more.  I have extensive experience integrating web sites with APIs, including Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Amazon Web Services, PayPal, Authorize.NET, TransUnion, gas and electric utilities, UPS, US Postal Service, and many more. 

Examples of some of the projects I completed include: corporate intranets; gas/electric supplier systems with agent portals and data exchange with over a dozen utilities in multiple states; worker's compensation EDI system transferring data between internal database, the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, and large clients, such as Honda and UPS; a loan application system with real time TransUnion credit reports; insurance application and data processing systems for major insurance company;  custom e-commerce sites; customer portals; song rating system with hundreds of radio stations as clients and tens of millions of rated songs; song notification system where users receive a text before their favorite songs play on the radio; sentiment analysis system; system to manage clients, projects, contractors, time entry, and billing; task management system; document repository;  logistics system for a trucking business;  inventory system;  event calendars;  custom survey system; and many more.

I build custom web sites and intranets with the specific features you need for your business or organization. These are systems that are not available via software you can buy off the shelf. Whether you need a custom e-commerce web site, a customer portal, an intranet to help your organization be more efficient, or any other custom system you'd like built, I have the experience and expertise to create the system you need for your organization to excel.

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