Yegor Borisenco

Yegor Borisenco

Full stack JavaScript developer
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32 years old
Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
7 years

My journey as a web-developer started back in 2002 (when it was called being a webmaster) when I was really into building static HTML web-sites. Slowly but surely I was adding a back-end to my projects, PHP back then.

I was doing paid freelance projects for about 4-5 years until I landed my first job in a lovely little web-design studio called Studio Visuale in Mestre, Venice in 2013. My duties were mostly front end tasks combined with back end, using a custom CMS based on Drupal.

I was the first employee at my current company Titanium Software and helped it grow being a full stack developer, software architect, HR consultant, as well as a mentor to the arriving colleagues. I was the head of our internship program, bringing up a lot of talent. The company now counts 40+ employees.

During this time I had an opportunity to work with various startups. Two of the most interesting projects include, which is a telecom solution and JpU — a portal dedicated to IoT devices management. Working on these projects made me raise my technical level, and particularly my JavaScript skills — both frontend and backend. I also had an opportunity to work on my leadership and communication skills, managing my team of 10+ developers as well as talking directly to the client.

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