Bettina San Luis

Brand Management and Marketing, Fashion Styling, Social Media Marketing
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28 years old
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
2 years

With my business degree and a minor degree to specialize in marketing management, my main strength areas are handling brand strategies and devicing integrated marketing communication plans.

Because of the rise in social media marketing, most of my work have been related to online brand image building. This includes the work I have done in my employment at AMJ Fashion House, starting up my own online retail business Lila & Piper, and handling my current freelance clients in need of social media and content management.

My career in business, marketing, and social media communications is supported by my in depth knowledge and career in fashion styling. Because of my expertise in fashion, I am able to handle better the creative direction for brands in need of content creation and developing the looks that are needed for their photoshoots and visual merchandising.

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