Chris Winfield-Blum

MBA | Entrepreneur | Strategist | Coach | Mentor | Offshoring Expert | Coffee Lover
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39 years old
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
15 years

I am the Founder and CEO of Change Fox and Online Scrums, bringing over fifteen years of experience in change management through the introduction of best practice process and software solutions across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and the United States. I hold qualifications in Information Technology, Project Management and Business Management and have effectively applied these learned principals to numerous successful projects, teams and initiatives.

I am looking for projects that include;

  • Offshore Team Building - build your own team through offshoring and achieve reduced operational costs, increased operational results and a great team & organisational culture
  • Agile Executive Coaching - execute your strategic planning more effectively with agile executive coaching
  • Strategic Projects - struggling to execute a specific, organisationally important project, I can help get things moving
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