Jacqueline Ngare

Jacqueline Ngare

Business Administration and Trade credit management
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
15 years

I am an experienced credit controller currently based in Singapore with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree ( accounting and business administration) and an associate of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management UK qualification ACICM (for excellence in delivering credit management processes ) I have considerable London based experience in trade credit within the National Health Service UK, General Insurance Business , Third sector ( voluntary and community organisations and most recently within a growing Digital SME; To manage existing new and churning stakeholder relationships. To review and enhance business processes and procedures .To employ great customer service using know your customer principles.

The purpose of my role is to procure a balanced outcome on the working capital of an organisation on a day to day basis regardless of its size its endeavour to meet its objective and remain a going concern. I have done this primarily by adhering to credit policies of organisations in the maximisation of cash collection and credit management, cash flow forecasting, reduction of over 90 day debts and DSO by incorporating great customer service and relations within a credit department and other teams ( sales, support, billing) to ensure customer satisfaction and accuracy of recorded information flow within the organisations through CRMs or quick dispute resolution and decision making for management.

You can expect excellent telephone manner with customers and written communication skills for queries and ultimately dispute resolution. Passion about results and impact in achieving set targets and meeting organisational goals. Reliability and dependability to follow instructions and keep accurate records of events for customers’ accounts ensuring they have the info they need to settle within payment terms. Procedure and team working for effecting the credit policy as guided whilst working with both internal and external stakeholders and keeping management informed. Methodical and teachable  approach for daily cash reporting and feedback via excel or crm. Teachable with a readiness to learn and apply as well as take ownership of both successes and mistakes with a view to correct and adapt best practices. 

I enjoy gardening it is my unwind space and life work balance go to for relaxation and exercise ; by extension I have project led a greening community project having won a funding bid and been selected to deliver the project within 3 months by engaging residents as volunteers that was a success and received a Mayoral recognition for Individual volunteerism within the Lewisham borough of London.

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