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1 Kostas Papahadjis (host.gr.com) 4, Riga Ferraiou Str. GR Alimos-17455 Athens |-| ✆- CAREER HISTORY Digital marketing for vacation homes - Freelance (2009 - Present) Digital marketing - reservations management for vacation houses hotels and villas in Greece 1 Achievements: 12.2%-45% increase in nights booked; 20.1%-65.8% increase in gross revenues, totaling 291,000 € for 2015. Product marketing manager Vodafone Greece (2000 – 2009) 2 From 2000 - early 2001: Project coordination in setting up an online sales channel for dial-up/ISDN Internet connections Achievements: selling 100-200 connections per week through the company’s site From early 2001 – early 2005: Commercial product marketing manager for mobile information and entertainment content and services (either branded or white-label) through Web, SMS and MMS 3 Achievements: services under my account were making daily revenues of 50-250,000 € From early 2005 – 2009: Commercial product marketing manager for ‘Vodafone live!’ web / mobile portal; still responsible for products and services under Web, SMS and MMS channels 4 Achievements: More than 500 mobile phones were launched during that period. By 2008, more than 2 million handsets were capable of accessing Vodafone live! mobile portal and the mobile Internet. On top of existing revenues from services, revenues from mobile web access approached weekly peaks of 1 million Euros, due to the launch of Google search for mobile phones. Presales consultant European Dynamics - Web page design and e-commerce - Freelance (1997) 6 Greek Armed Forces - Programmer British Airways, London UK - Programmer – analyst Unilever, Bristol UK - EDUCATION      -: Google Adwords / Analytics / Bing-Yahoo! Certification (last exams in August 2016)-: Post Graduate Diploma: “Computers in Industry & Commerce” (Open University. UK-: Bachelor of Science with Honors in Computing (Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK-: BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computer Studies (Birmingham Polytechnic UK-: Diplomas in Programming and Analysis (Control Data Athens Greece). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Born on 25/11/1967; single. Greek & British nationalities; speaking English and Greek fluently and basic French (reading only but solid foundations in French from the French Academy of Athens). INTERESTS Long-distance walking, cooking for friends, Golf, beach Volley, Jazz and Classic music. Helping elderly people in my neighborhood by supporting them with some of their weekly activities (scheduling medicine, arranging meals and shopping). Contribute for many years in the past to the care of persons with Bipolar Depression and Cancer. 2 CROSS-REFERENCES 1 Roles and Specialties: • Vacation rental / small hotel expertise to bring more revenue to related businesses • Plan and coordinate digital advertising, SEO and social marketing campaigns • Identify and precisely map local competitors' digital presence • Plan and coordinate design & development of web sites, Facebook pages, and their content • Coordinate digital material production related to advertising campaigns • Marketing & intelligence Reports - statistical monitoring & follow-up based on campaign data • Measure low-mid season potential; design & direct strategy to capture relevant bookings • Form and follow suitable strategies to funnel new bookings via digital channels • Complete revamp on pricing offers/ bundles and discounts based on local factors • Negotiate & devise contracts on all levels (b2c / b2b) • 'Per - case' analysis and recommendation of online booking platforms • Devise safe reservation procedures as an alternative to e-reservations • Identify new opportunities to increase reservations. The following table shows gross revenues and total villa nights booked for 2015 in contrast to 2014: Number of Villas Nights booked Change to 2014 Gross Revenue Crete Tinos Mykonos 6 8 3 - +45% +24,8% +12,2% 95.972,39 € 129.838,31 € 65.240,28 € Change to 2014 +65,80% +47% +20,1% 2 With Vodafone, I had the opportunity to innovate and work on a unique commercial breakthrough: the opening up of a new market, that of mobile Internet, multimedia, digital products and services and smart phones. I went full circle in product marketing management, with conditions being unusually demanding for a blue chip, getting my feet wet in new territories uncharted by all who were experiencing this new era. My role was to maintain the service roadmaps and plans for branded and non-branded products and services under my account as part of the company's development strategy for Web and mobile. Daily product management work was to coordinate pre-launch and post-launch / execution tasks, usually by running cross-synergies with external suppliers, agencies, as well as, internal company divisions such as Technology, Marketing, IT, Advertising, Sales, Customer Care, Legal, Regulatory and Network. I worked closely on advertising new and existing products and services, coordinating the launch of SMS campaigns and through “Below-The-Line” and “Above-The-Line” communication. I managed the issuing of appropriate documentation where needed to enhance sales. I negotiated and arranged new / existing contracts, aligning with Legal and EETT / Regulatory ensuring service compliance with guidelines and government bodies, avoiding post-launch incidents. I liaised with Customer Care to deliver FAQ sheets as backup for such incidents, and also contributed in building a Siebel knowledgebase for use by CC to minimize un-integrated communication with clients. I worked on pricing, completing price plans for all products and services under my account, cross working with Finance; I built product offer ‘bundles’ and periodical offers and also reported revenues per Fiscal quarter, delivering quarterly reports (YOY, 3+6, 6+6, 9+3) and forecasts. I did extensive work in monetizing existing products and services; I kept monitoring the competitive landscape, gave insights to Senior coworkers, presented and recommended new ideas to key Senior staff, ran external / internal meetings, and traveled to central headquarters abroad on a regular basis keeping up-to-date all those involved in the line of work. 3 3 Roles:  Launch entertainment and information services based on Web SMS and MMS channels  Launch voice entertainment and information services under 4-5 digit short codes. 4 Roles:  Contribute to local and global Vodafone projects in all Web & Mobile channels  Move existing information / entertainment services to work under the Vodafone live! portal  Coordinate handset compliance and commercial acceptance tests for all mobile phones made compatible with Vodafone live!  Contribute to the launch of new 3G services (e.g. mobile television)  Launch Google search for mobile phones. 5  Worked as a pre-sales consultant, focusing on creating viable propositions for web-based products and services  Achievements: created web services for prospective clients, a quick-launch ‘build-your own e-shop’ service, new service proposals for EU funding, and an 'e-Mall' with 60 e-shops attached to a major local web portal for a major publishing corporation in Greece (Eleftherotypia). 6  Started my own sole ownership company to create websites and e-shops for clients  Achievements: Create over twenty websites and e-shops for clients; apply search engine optimization and Internet marketing techniques (banner networks) to boost traffic; observe the Greek market and its reactions up-close, while selling new technologies door-to-door. 7  Served in the Navy, working full-time at the Information Center where I handled hydrographical services, map digitization, and satellite images, as well as systematizing the departmental library. At the same time, I completed my postgraduate studies. 8  Worked in the Business Department of British Airways at Heathrow for two years, writing database code on a project aimed at personalizing relations between British Airways and their frequent flyer customers. The first year was part of my Bachelor’s course Industrial Experience Program. The second I was concurrently working and studying for my final year of my Bachelor Degree also doing my dissertation at the same time, staying in Oxford and commuting to Heathrow daily.  Achievements: Launch applications used by all British Airways offices worldwide; develop substantial database management skills; develop in-depth knowledge of database platforms and programming tool sets; Become familiarized with a very large organization and internal culture. 9  Worked in the Business Systems Department of Unilever, supporting employees' computer work on a daily basis as part of a team assigned to internally resolve all IT-related tasks.  Achievements: Write code for maintaining corporate hardware and keep software inventory up-to-date. Install new computers and related peripherals; maintain hotline for resolving hardware and software issues within the company; resolve problems, arranging for external assistance where needed.
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