Tika Hasborth

Digital Marketing, Content Curation, Branding
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28 years old
Newcastle, NSW, Australia
3 years

My name is Tika and I come to you with a strong background in publication, both in print and its digital platform, along with experience of managing new, digital and social media. Amongst my other achievements is having consistently implemented best in class marketing strategies to increase advertising revenues for my present clients.

As a marketing point of contact in my previous companies, a significant part of my role was maintaining relations with new and existing clients, vendors and brand owners. Through out those years I have acquired skills in project coordination and marketing that led me to create successful events and campaigns, both online and offline.

In my existing role as a freelance Digital Creative Specialist, I am responsible in collecting market research which includes consumers demographics and competitors' analysis, content curation & creation, social media monitoring, social engagement, Facebook & Instagram Advertising, manage reviews and designing of marketing materials.

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