Troy Evans Gordon Downs

Sales, customer service, collections and data entry
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Managua, Managua, Nicaragua
8 years

I am a very self motivated person whon started to work in the BPO industry since 2012, my first experience was working for a company by the name of, where I used to be an retail agent, helping customer to place their online order, track them while their on their shipment process and so on, overall I want to say that it was a very good experience since I learned and developed my customer service skill at this point, worked for this company for 2 years, Next adventure was at Sitel Nicaragua for the campaing of Money-Gram also working for customer service area helping customers send money to their family and troubleshooting their online account and so far, My next adventure was at this same company Sitel Nicaragua for the company name Choice Hotels, here was my first experience working for a sales campaing must challenging and exited was able to accomplish this one and since then I became a self-motivated sales agent always looking towards to get my goals and target. Next adventure started at a company name Entrust Energy based in Houston Texas, with operations in Nicaragua with the Onelink Nicaragua being a customer representative agent and collections agent as well worked here for like about 1 year.

Next I got an opportunity to work from home for a company name Best Of Hawaii Tours and Activities a travel agency located in Hawaii, which helped customers plan their whole itinerary of trip and so.

About my personal self am 32 years old married guy with 2 kids and a great family, which I can tell their are my strenght and weakness as well, since I woke up every single day knowing that I need to be a better person on a daily basis for set example, and they are my weakness because I can't imagine life withouth them.

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