Valentina Benedetti

Fullstack developer with Ruby on Rails (Ruby), Laravel (PHP), Node.js (JavaScript) experience
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41 years old
Tradate, Varese, Italy
18 years

👩‍💻💜 Since year 2k I am totally PASSIONATE about Full Stack Development.

This is the kind of programmer I like to be, taking part with Care and Dedication in the Success of the projects I work on.

I have been working for big companies in various international contexts creating tailored softwares.

Combining Backend and Frontend knowledges I am used to working with several programming languages, libraries and frameworks.

I am constantly up to date with the latest trends of the developers’ community and in the very latest years I have been working especially on 🌟 Ruby on Rails, 🌟 Laravel, 🌟Node.js.

I provide remote services of web development and software design.

The most FREQUENT REQUESTS are about:

✅ responsive Views with popular template engines in Framework-based applications

✅ custom modules in Javascript, PHP, Ruby

✅ extensions to existing web-based softwares

✅ custom reports in Pdf, Excel, Word

✅ handling of data in several formats JSON, XML, csv

✅ exports from mySql databases

✅ analytical representation with Graphical Libraries such as Google Charts, chart.js

✅ integrations among various digital resources such as the consolidated company softwares CRM, ERP and existing data from databases, csv, xml, sheets

✅ integrations with online marketing tools such as newsletter or automation services

✅ API to feed mobile Apps

Basing on my Senior working experience I can manage projects at various levels:

🌟 Data Modeling

🌟 Application Implementation

🌟 UX and UI

You can count on my ability to manage a project from start to finish with consolidated working methods.

I personally pursue to achieve the best professional results with discretion and confidentiality and I am naturally inclined to create relationships of trust and clarity, facilitating the collaboration with the other coworkers.

I love the human languages too: I can held business calls in 🇬🇧English or 🇮🇹** Italian** and through email in 🇫🇷 French and 🇩🇪 German too.

Check out my website

I published a Complete Case Study in Node.js and MongoDB with an introduction video, the process description to make this web application and you can download the source code for free.

If you are you interested in Accelerating the realisation of Your Web projects just CONTACT ME and LET’S SCHEDULE A CALL 🤙🏻

I will be happy to hear from you!

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