Yvonie M. Wenceslao

Customer Service and Virtual Assistant
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39 years old
Cebu, Cebu, Philippines
7 years

Proficient in Clerical Duties and Experienced Sales Representative

 As a sales representative for two years, I have developed my skills in selling products and services and how to actively seek out and engaged customer prospects. On my first few months working at a call center as a appointment setter, my attitude towards my duties propelled me to a higher position as a Sales Supervisor for five years wherein I was able to acquire sufficient knowledge in handling clerical duties such as creating spreadsheets that tracks agent’s performance, attendance and other keys that determines agent’s efficiency. My duties also included sending reports through email, monitoring numbers of active agents on the phone and handling customer complains while ensuring expected conversion were met. This experience had done so much for me to become a more patient, positive and goal-oriented person.

I would very much welcome new knowledge and I am open for new opportunities and willing to be train.

 I seek to become a full-time free-lancer and my schedule is flexible.

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